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     Are you a freelance writer who's tired of websites offering $1 for 100 words or $10 for 1,000 words? Well, there's a good news for you. I have a list of some good quality blogs and websites that pay you to contribute content. You do have to offer extremely high quality content to match their publishing standard for these blogs/websites but you don't have to be an established writer. Some websites may give preference to writers who have an active social media presence. I've ignored some of the famous blogs like Smashing MagazineLifehackerLifehackSitePointEntrepreneurMakeUseOfBabble, etc, as they are very choosy with low acceptance rate and they take much longer time to respond. But you can definitely try your luck. 
Introduction: Tuts+ teaches creative and technical skills to millions of people worldwide, on topics such as design, development, photography, video, computing and craft. 
Topics: Photoshop, Web Design & Development, Adobe Illustrator, Audio, Adobe After Effects, Photography, Mobile (i OS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry), WordPress, 3 D Maya, Game Development, Mac & OS X, Crafts. 
Payment: Not specified 
Introduction: We want gals who can parlay their interests into colorful, witty, engaging, inspiring and expertly researched articles for our website --- all written in the true SheKnows style. No fluff. No flack. Just awesome ides that become invaluable resources for our female audience. 
Topics: Entertainment, Beauty, Love, Parenting, Pets, Home, Living, Food, Health, etc. 
Payment: $60 (approx.) per blog post
3. Greater Good
Introduction: Writers for Greater Good magazine range from behavioral and social scientists to grade school and journalists.
Topics: Family, Education, Work, Career, Mind & Body, Ideas
Payment: & .25/word for featured posts; &75 for book reviews $ research briefs; $350 for interviews.
Introduction: We are always looking for WordPress experts who can write up a storm. So if you can write great WordPress tutorials, amazing WordPress resource list &  review articles or incredible investigative, topical and informed WordPress opinion pieces - then we want to hear from you.
Topics: Blogging, WordPress
Payment: $200 for a tutorial; $300 for a premium post; Up to $500 for an epic post.
5. Listverse
Introduction: Listverse --- the original top site --- serves over 19 million pages a month to more than eight million readers. We publish lists that intrigue and educate, specializing in the bizarre or lesser-known trivia.
Topics: Entertainment (Gaming, Movies, TV, Music), Books, Facts, History, Lifestyle, Food, Health, Sports, Travel, Society, etc.
Payment: $100 per post
6. PostJoint
Introduction: PostJoint is a new members-only content marketing platform where independent advertisers and bloggers meet to arrange publishing deals.
Topics: Digital Marketing, Content, Blogging, SEO, Copy writing, Social Media, Make Money Online
Payment: $100 - $200 per blog post.
7. AppStorm
Introduction: AppStorm succeeds based on a talented community of passionate writers and software users. If you'd like to contribute to the site, we would love to hear from you.
Topics: Mac, Web, iPhone, Andriod, Windows, Reviews, Roundups, How-to's
Payment: $60 per post
8. The Krazy Coupon Lady
Introduction: The Krazy Coupon Lady contributor newtwokd is a new way fro stay-at-home moms, working women and men-who-are-in-touch-with-their-money-saving-side to share their expertise with KCL's audience of millions. Earn money by submitting original, engaging content that helps others learn to save money!
Topics: Style/Fashion, Home/Gardening, Travel/Entertainment, Family/Parenting, Extreme Couponing, Finance.
Payment: $50 per blog post.
9. Matador Network
Introduction: Metador Network is an independent media company and nexus of travel culture worldwide. Matador seeks original writing, photography, and video that promotes travel culture around the world.
Topics: Activism, Art, Culture, Religion, Nature, Food, Health, Education, Music, Photo, Sports, Travel, Writing, etc.
Payment: $20 - $60 per post
10. A List Apart
Introduction: A List Apart explores the desing, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices. There are hundreds of other places to find nifty JavaScript and CSS tricks, so we focus on what we do best.
Topics: Web Design & Development
Payment: $200 per post
11. FreelanceSwitch
Introduction: We are looking for extensive, detailed, and informative tutorials of the highest quality designed to teach micro-business skills to freelancers and entrepreneurs in a concise and approachable way. These may take the form of written tutorials or screencasts.
Topics: Blogging, Freelance, Small Business, Marketing
Payment: $50 (approx.) per blog post
12. SpyreStudios
Introduction: Are you a talented designer who enjoys writing and blogging? If you are, we want to hear from you! SpyreStudios is a design blog with a focus on typography, design trends, inspiration, CSS, HTML, WordPress, jQuery, minimalism and blogging.
Topics: Web Design, Web Development
Payment: $50 - $160
13. International Living
Introduction: International Living's general themes are retiring overseas, how to get the best deals when traveling, real estate bargains outside of the U.S., how to set up a business outside of the U.S., items that you find overseas that may sell well in the U.S. market (import-export), foreign investment --- basically anything that involves saving or making money outside of the U.S.
Topics: Entrepreneurship, Retired Overseas, Travel & Adventure, Short Blurbs
Payment: $25 - $400
14. TopTenz
Introduction: We welcome and encourage all our readers to create and submit their own top ten list. We will supply any graphics that would be needed, so you only need to write the list. We'll give full credit and a link to your own site or blog if you have one.
Topics: Bazarre, Entertainment, Food, Health, History, Humor, Nature, People, Politics, Religion, Sports, Travel, etc.
Payment: $50 per blog post
15. Photoshop Tutorials
Introduction: Here's your chance to share your tutorial with thousands of Photoshop users. Starting is easy and you don't even need to have your tutorial ready. Just fill out a form with a picture of your tutorial final result and we'll let you know if it qualifies.
Topics: Photoshop
Payment: $50-$300
16. The Dollar Stretcher
Introduction: The Dollar Stretcher is a group of publications dedicated to "Living Better --- for Less". The goal is to provide readers with ways to help them save time and money. You need not to be a professional in the area being discussed. But you must be knowledgeable. Personal, hands-on, experience is valued. Unpublished authors are welcome.
Topics: Money, Food, Home & Auto, Lifestyle, Family, Kids, etc.
Payment: $0.10 per word
17. UX Booth
Introduction: UX Booth is a publication by and for the user experience design community. You pitch a topic or idea that you'd like to share. If accepted, a development editor is assigned to you in order to help you develop your narratice in accordance with our style guide.
Topics: User Experience (US), Usability, Design
Payment: $100 per post
18. Pxleyes
Introduction: If you think you have the talent to write your own unique tutorials, then this is your chance! Writing a tutorial for Pxleyes can earn you up to $200 per tutorial and will give a lot of name exposure for you or your website!
Topics: Photography, Photoshop
Payment: Up to $200 per blog post
19. IntenseBlog
Introduction: IntenseBlog is a fast growing multi niche blog that we're always on the lookout for talented individuals to contribute high quality articles and tutorials. The benefits of writing for us are not only getting more traffic and backlinks to your website, but also the powerful way to gain exposure ind introduce you blog to our fast growing community.
Topics: Blogging, Internet Marketing, Web Tutorials, WordPress, Web Design
Payment: $20-$50
20. WorldStart
Introduction: We are primarily looking for tips for our e-mail newsletter, WorldStarts's Computer Tips. We are also seeking feature articles for our website covering any and all aspects of computing.
Topics: Computer Tips, Computing
Payment: $25-$50 per post.
21. Dropzone
Introduction: Dropzone.com aims to provide users with a platform where skydivers can interact, learn, share and grow. Our articles reach over 100,000 absolute unique visitors every month. This is by far the largest audience and the widest distribution of expert and new skydivers reached by any skydiving related publication.
Topics: Skydiving
Payment: $50-$100
22. PSDeluxe
Introduction: If you have the skills to write an excellent Photoshop tutorials or you can write interesting and useful posts about design (graphic, design, web design, photography, inspiration), we can work together very well. Our readers are mostly designers - all those who love the great aspects of design and blogging.
Topics: Photoshop, Design, Web 2.0
Payment: $30 - $75 per post
23. Developer Tutorials
Introduction: Developer Tutorials strives to provide its users with a regular supply of cutting-edge programming and design guides keeping them up-to-date on new and emergning technologies and techniques. To help fuel this effor we continually seek knowledgeable writers to produce unique, high quality tutorials.
Topics: AJAX, Flash, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, Illustrator, Linus, Photoshop, CSS, Java, MySQL, Python.
Payment: $50-$100 for tutorials; $30-$50 for list posts.
24. Metro Parent
Introduction: Metro Parent Publishing Group is always looking for talented, experienced freelance writers to enhance our magazine, ancillary publications and website. Our general goal is to have a good mix of fun and substantive local stories of interest to local parents.
Topics: Fun, Food, Parenting, Kids, Health, School, Travel, Hobbies
Payment: $35-$350
More Blogs That Pay Writers ---
I'm featuring the following blogs separetely as they don't have any predetermined rated.
25. Cracked
Introduction: Your work could be seen by millions of people. We need articles, photoshops, infographics and videos. No experience necessary. We will pay you if it's good. You talk directly to the editors -- no form letter rejections.
Topics: Movies, TV, Music, Video Games, Tech, History, Science, etc.
26. Six Revisions
Introductions: Six Revisions is a website that publishes practical and useful articles for designers and web developers. We seek to present exceptionla, noteworthy tips, tutorials, and resources that the modern web professional will appreciate.
Topics: Web Design & Development
27. Noupe
Introduction: Guest authors of Noupe get paid for their work. Noupe's recommendations are based on the expertise of its authors and are made in the best interests of its readers and the web design community.
Topics: Web Design, Photography, Wallpapers, Freelance, Photoshop, WordPress, Tools, etc.
28. InstandShift
Introduction: We are mostly aiming towards creative and fresh article content which covers good research and recent development in design world. We need our writers to be original, specific, and totally clear about what they are writing.
Topics: Web Design, WordPress, CSS Tools, Tutorials, Fonts, Freebies, Photography, Icons, etc.
29. CrazyLeaf
Introduction: We are always looking for new contributors for the blog. It doesn't matter if you aren't an experienced writer or a professional design blogger. All it matter is the quality of your contribution.
Topics: Web Design, Graphic Design, Tutorials, Photography, Top 10 Lists
30. PVM Garage
Introduction: We are looking for original posts written by new authors and guest posters. We want to provide quality stuff for our readers and we need your help. PVM Garage is a Web Design Blog and our goal is to provide quality stuff for designers and web developers.
Topics: Web Design, Photoshop, Tutorials, WordPress, Freebies
Even More Blogs--
Here are some more blogs and websites that pay your to blog. I haven't featured those websites as they didn't meet some criteria. But I decided to include them as a supplementary list since their "Write for Us" page is reachable from their homepage.
31. Be a Freelance Blogger
Introduction: Guest blogging on this this site is a multi-phase process. Assimilate, Infiltrate, Cogitate, Advocate, Create, Iterate, Propagate, Moderate, Celebrate!
Payment: $50 per post
32. Austin Briggs
Introduction: If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.
Payment: $55-$105 per post.
33. WOW! Women on Writing
Introduction: If you are a writer, you've already heard plenty of debate on the validity of self-publishing. Here's the thing: the debate is over. Self-publishing is now a proven, credible, and viable path towards publication.
Payment: $50-$150 per post
34. FundsforWriters
Introduction: Do you have high hopes for your writing career? This website has been awarded as a Best Writing Website sponsored by Writer's Digest for the last 14 years in a row.
Payment: $50 per post
35. BootnAll
Introduction: We are accepting article pitches again, but we are looking for very specific idea. Please make sure that before you pitch any ideas that you take a look at the various opportunities we offer below. When we partner with writers, it's with the intention of building a relationship with that writer.
Payment: Up to $50 per post
36. YourOnline.biz
Introduction: Guest Posts Wanted. $100 for your high quality original guest posts at the beginning of the month after your article is accepted.
Payment: $100 per post
37. Model Railroad Hobbyist
Introduction: We publish articles and videos on all aspects of model railroading on prototype (real) railroading as a subject of modeling. We welcome proposals for feature articles, video shorts, and columns, or the submission of articles and videos sent on speculation.
Payment: $10 - $1,000 per post
38. Progressive
Introduction: We want investigative reporting, electoral coverage, social movement pieces, foreign policy pieces, interviews, activism and poetry etc.
Payment: $50 - $1,300
39. Funny Times
Introduction: So they tell your you're funny, huh? Great! That's exactly what we're looking for!
Payment: $25 - $40 per cartoon; $60 per story
40. World Hum
Introduction: World Hum is dedicated to publishing travel stories, videos and slideshows of the highest quality. Since World Hum's inception in 2001, stories from the site have appeared in "The Best American Travel Writing" anthologies and Travelers's Tales anthologies, and they have won Lowell Thomas Awards from the Society of American Travel Writers. 


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